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From here and for here: Swanndri x Little Biddy Gin

Although Swanndri and Reefton Distilling Co. craft quite different products, we’ve got a lot in common. Collaborating on a limited edition release of Little Biddy Gin seemed to come about quite naturally. After Swanndri came to to visit the Reefton Distilling Co. during a photoshoot back in September 2020, both teams noticed the similarities in our values and approaches to bringing our respective products to life, and an idea was born. The result is a Limited Edition Little Biddy Gin bearing the iconic Swanndri red and black check – a well-loved pattern often favoured by Reefton Distilling Co. Ambassadors and Water Prospectors Nigel and Steffan MacKay.

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Formerly The Blackball Hilton

Famous. Infamous. Curious. Haunted. Unmissable.

Lots of words have been used to describe Formerly The Blackball Hilton. They’re probably all a little bit true. All we can say is: it’s iconic.

Originally built in 1910, the hotel-pub-and-restaurant’s rise to prominence has paralleled that of the place it’s part of – Blackball. A mining town about 30kms inland from Greymouth, Blackball is famous for its rich and rebellious history, in which locals have regularly proven the power of collective action. It’s a beautiful place, full of wonderful people. And at the heart and soul of it all is Formerly The Blackball Hilton. A one-of-a-kind institution, it is a symbol of this place and the people who live here. It’s Blackball in a nutshell.


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Duck Season Down South

There’s no one thing you have to be to work at Swanndri. But, of course, there’s one thing we all have in common: a love of getting into the outdoors, making the most of life and living it up in this beautiful backyard we call New Zealand.

Dan Clark, Brand Manager here at Swanndri, would never say so himself, but he epitomises that spirit. For him, getting outdoors is an everyday thing. But then, once a year, every year, it becomes something rather special.

Duck season. On the first weekend of May, without fail, Dan and a group of his best mates get together down on his folks’ Southland farm for two epic days of catching up, hanging out, and having a good time. The odd bird is just a bonus.

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