Baby Blankets

Swanndri kids never stop exploring, and love getting amongst it in the great outdoors. Even the youngest can enjoy the outdoors with our range of wool baby blankets to keep them cosy. Our baby playmats are a great idea to just have stashed in the car for those impromptu nappy changes, they have a waterproof backing too so they are great to throw down on damp grass.

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Our baby blankets make great gifts, you can never have too many blankets, and a Swanndri blanket will last for years! Take Swanndri with you and keep the kids warm on your outdoor adventures, with our range of blankets and mats.

Keep the Kids Warm with Merino Baby Blankets

Babies have delicate skin, lightweight designs like our 100% Merino Baby Blanket & Wrap ensure that your newborn is not overheating, no matter the season. In contrast, snug items like our Swanndri Baby Buggy Wool Blanket are perfect for those chilly winter adventures. You can even try out the durable blankets and mats in our collection for those times when inspiration strikes and you enjoy a spontaneous, fun-filled beach day, or a park walk in the buggy.

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So, get kids of all ages adventure-ready this season when you shop online with us at Swanndri in NZ. Along with items like matching kid's clothing and accessories, each of our wool baby blankets or waterproof play mats offers the perfect addition to any family adventure kit, ensuring that every day of exploring is a success! To learn more about our Swanndri products, contact us today by submitting an online enquiry with all your questions, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.