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Get back to nature and bring a little balance to your life by introducing a quality oilskin jacket or vest from Swanndri. Whatever the journey, our men's oilskin collection available across NZ and Australia will help you hit the ground running.

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Camping under the stars? Trekking through the Outback? Hiking along a vibrant nature trail? We've got you covered. Capable of enduring any season and its trying conditions, our range of timeless oilskin outerwear takes the stress out of adventuring so that you can focus entirely on the thrill of the new, ensuring you feel at one with the great outdoors across NZ and Australia. We approach every men's oilskin jacket with the same care and attention to detail, ensuring our customers experience the very best with every purchase.

Premium European Dry Touch Oilskin Jackets

Our timeless Swanndri Oilskins are made from premium European dry touch oilskin, with full lining for added warmth and comfort. Our pieces are ideal for working outside in the elements. When a day trapped inside seems too much to bear, pull an oilskin jacket over the top of mid-layers like knitwear and get back to doing what you love best. Each item offers extra protection with its durability and water resistance, so you can have confidence that it will stay in great condition for longer. Why not try one of our best selling oilskin vests, like the Swanndri Men's Foxton Oilskin Vest with Wool Lining, to keep your body warm and dry while leaving your arms free to move and get on with the business of life.

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Restock your wardrobe this season with our quality pieces from Swanndri. Along with our collections of men's oilskin jackets and oilskin vests, discover our selection of men's knitwear, men's pants and more to pair with old favourites in your closet. For more information on how you can add one of our quality oilskin items to your winter rotation, get in touch with us today by emailing or submitting an online enquiry.

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