Merino Socks

From providing zoned arch support to being extremely comfortable, Swanndri merino blend wool socks are the perfect basic to stock up on.

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Often underestimated and forgotten, socks are the first line of defence for your feet. So why not invest in something durable and comfortable to see you through all your outdoor adventures. Our Swanndri merino blend wool socks for men and women do much more than keep your feet warm. Using quality materials and fibres, they create the perfect environment for your feet, managing temperature, pressure, and moisture control so that your feet feel better for longer. Say goodbye to excessive rubbing and blistering when you choose any of our wool socks, black socks, ankle socks and merino socks today. To find the best sock for you, get in touch with our Swanndri team, and we will help you find the right product for you in no time.

Swanndri Hiking Socks & Boot Socks

Swanndri hiking socks and boot socks are made in New Zealand and use a unique blend of strong wool fibre spun to be light and comfortable next to the skin. Our socks are incredibly durable and offer excellent zoned support with the left and right foot perfectly tailored for fit. Our wool is highly breathable and regulates temperature, meaning these socks are perfect for keeping blisters and sweaty feet at bay.

Merino Wool Socks & Ankle Socks Made in NZ

If you are on your feet all day, then the perfect, high-quality sock will make all the difference. At Swanndri, our unisex merino blend socks are made in NZ, using only the best materials to create our signature black, coloured, and check socks designs. With a breathable anti-odour merino fibre, our Swanndri Colombo Check Merino Socks provide the perfect fit for your feet. Benefit from our built in zoned support for extra comfort throughout the day with designs that match perfectly with our range of Work & Agriculture Gumboots and Garden & Outdoor Gumboots . Whatever your needs, our range of socks for men and women is the perfect addition to your wardrobe in any season.

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Browse our Swanndri collection of merino socks for men and women across NZ and discover how our classic but innovative designs can increase your comfort and style. Whether you are looking for wool socks, ankle socks, black socks, or anything in between, our wide range has something for everyone. Submit an online enquiry with all your questions and queries if you would like to know more about our incredible Swanndri collections, and one of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Socks for Men

Swanndri has a wide range of socks for men, from merino blends in our classic checks to strong wool blends that are the perfect choice while wearing hiking and work boots. Our men's socks are made in New Zealand and use high quality fibres and construction techniques.