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Arthur's Pass

In the South Island, between Waimakariri and the West Coast, there’s a rather famous road that crosses the Southern Alps. You might have heard of it. It’s called Arthur’s Pass.

Used by Māori for centuries to bring pounamu across the mountains, this crossing was made into a ‘road’ in 1866 as the gold rush reached full swing. Nowadays the gold is all gone (or so they say), but that hasn’t stopped people flocking here for a look. It’s a go to for travellers looking for exploration and relaxation amidst the magnificent sights of the Southern Alps.

Skimming rock on the Waimak

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How to layer for warmth with Swanndri

Add a layer when you’re cold. Remove a layer when you’re hot. Simple, right?

Yes… and no. While layering itself is a relatively straightforward concept, what really matters is what you’re layering with.

Wool (especially merino) makes all the difference. As nature’s miracle fibre, merino wool works with your body to support its natural cooling and heating system. It allows your body to breathe, without locking in sweat or losing warmth, helping keep you at just the right temperature so you can keep doing what you’re doing.

Layering for the Warmth

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Swanndri & Feldon Shelter: Do what you love, love what you do

We caught up with Joel Hedges, co-founder, ideas-man, engineer and all-round legend behind Feldon Shelter for a chat about missions, kit, and the importance of timeless quality.

Joel Hedges is a surfer. That’s who he is. That’s what he loves. Travelling, surfing, living it up. He’s also the co-founder behind the phenomenon that is Feldon Shelter.

“Now, I get to go on surf trips for work. It’s great.”

Swanndri & Feldon Shelter

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