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Crafted for Keeps - The Swanndri Philosophy of Durability

For more than 110 years, Swanndri has been designing quality garments that last for generations. You could say that we were doing durability before it was cool.

We believe that our clothes are meant to be worn and worn again, through any weather, season and occasion. The way we see it, every piece that lasts longer means less waste, less need for replacements, and less strain on our natural resources. It's as simple as that.


Crafted for Keeps - The Swanndri Philosophy of Durability

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Back to Basics, Back to Nature

Here at Swanndri, we’re on a journey to embed sustainability into more aspects of our business. Part of this, of course, means thinking about the life cycle of our products.

So, what happens to a Swanndri once you’ve worn it in and worn it out? When it’s done its dash as a dog blanket or a doormat? When it’s been handed down over the decades but it’s finally time to let it go? The core ingredient of a classic Swanny is wool – a natural fibre, grown from the land. So it makes sense that it returns to the land, right?

Let's bury a Swanni

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Swanndri & Pip Cameron

The Swanndri Summer range is all about getting back to basics. It’s about enjoying the simple pleasures of all the outdoors has to offer in sunnier seasons. We fell in love with Otematata when we shot our summer campaign there. With its lakes, bike trails, water sports and some epic local characters, not to mention a cheese roll or two….

With this in mind, we headed out to Otematata Station in the South Island’s Waitaki Valley, where Phillippa (Pip) Cameron is the Station Cook and creator of ‘What’s For Smoko’ – a place where Pip gives an insight into life on a 40,000 hectare sheep and beef farm, as well as sharing recipes, ideas and inspiration for hearty, delicious on-farm food.

Swanndri Picnic Pie

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