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With a wide range of fits and fabrications, our men's shirt collection has something for everyone. Our men's short-sleeved shirts are mostly 100% cotton, but we also have cotton blended with linen and a cool wool blend which will automatically regulate temperature and keep you comfortable.

Our bestselling Paihia shirt is a summer staple and has a special weave that optimises airflow around your body, keeping you cool and dry even on the hottest days. Our men's shirts come in 3 fits, tailored fit, classic fit or relaxed fit. A tailored-fit shirts is more fitted around the middle and is perfect if you are looking for a smart tailored look. Our classic fit shirts are a comfortable easy fit and our relaxed fit really gives you room to move.

Men's Short-Sleeve Shirts & Long-Sleeve Shirts

Discover a range of men's short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts online at Swanndri. Swanndri offers both short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirt options ready for casual wear during downtime or any work setting whether that is on the farm, in the office or anywhere in between.

In our men's long-sleeved shirt range, we have Corduroy shirts alongside our ever-popular Bendigo work shirt. If your workplace is more tucked in than out, then Swanndri has a range of dress shirts to suit a more formal environment.

We also offer a quality range of Women's shirts with the same distinctive styling, functionality and reliability that Swanndri is known for.

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Perfect for both casual and formal wear, explore a range of timeless yet high-quality selection of men's shirts at Swanndri. Our online store offers a curated selection of men's shirts designed to cater to modern men's fashion needs. From classic plaid patterns to sophisticated dress shirts, Swanndri combines premium materials with impeccable craftsmanship. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or seeking comfortable everyday wear, our diverse range of men's shirts ensures you'll find the perfect fit.

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