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With the best wool in the world – ZQ x Swanndri


We’ve all grown up knowing that wool is a big part of what makes New Zealand tick – it’s in our DNA, part of our past and most definitely part of our future. It’s not an easy business, growing the world’s best fibre consistently, year after year. To do so requires a huge amount of knowledge about animal nutrition, soil and feed quality, and how to best care for the land that provides for the sheep that call it home.


That is why we partner with ZQ to source the wool and merino that we use in our wool outerwear pieces. ZQ is a certification and partnership programme that supports growers to produce the best possible fibre, grown to our exact specification. When we use ZQ wool, we know we are getting the best possible fibre on the planet, and you know you are getting the best quality garment as a result. Using ZQ wool means a lot to us. Knowing that the wool we use is traceable to the New Zealand farm it was grown on, we can be sure that the sheep that grew it were treated well and kept free of disease, distress, hunger and thirst. It also means that we can visit the farm that grew our wool, and know that it did so sustainably and ethically. It’s also a guarantee that the farm has received a fair price for the fibre, meaning they can invest in their future and continually improve the land they work on for generations to come.


 ZQ farms are independently audited every three years and are well supported by the ZQ network. Using ZQ means we can produce a premium quality garment with wool grown right here in New Zealand. We know our growers and know they choose to wear Swanndri every day to protect them from the elements, and we’re proud to make garments that live up to their hard work. Swanndri, The Original, Since 1913 #made for generations.

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