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Arthur's Pass

In the South Island, between Waimakariri and the West Coast, there’s a rather famous road that crosses the Southern Alps. You might have heard of it. It’s called Arthur’s Pass.

Used by Māori for centuries to bring pounamu across the mountains, this crossing was made into a ‘road’ in 1866 as the gold rush reached full swing. Nowadays the gold is all gone (or so they say), but that hasn’t stopped people flocking here for a look. It’s a go to for travellers looking for exploration and relaxation amidst the magnificent sights of the Southern Alps.

Skimming rock on the Waimak

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Swanndri Due West: Reefton Distilling Co

“What’s wrong with rain?”

For Patsy Bass, founder and Chief Executive of Reefton Distilling Co., rain is the most invigorating thing in the world – for us and our environment. It makes sense. Rain really is part of what makes New Zealand so special.

Of course, it’s one of the reasons Swanndri clothing was first created – to protect Kiwis from the elements. It’s also one of the reasons Patsy started Reefton Distilling Co. The world’s purest water, straight out of the sky and filtered through rock and native New Zealand forest is a huge advantage when you’re making craft gins and other spirits.


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Keeping it Coastal: Swanndri Spring/Summer 2020

As men and women of the southern hemisphere prepare to clock off and kick their feet up for a hard-earned summer holiday, there is an air of excitement amongst this keen, adventurous bunch. For us, summer isn’t about sipping cocktails by the poolside of an over-priced resort in an over-crowded “destination”. For us, it’s about keeping it local in New Zealand and exploring Godzone.

So, this summer, we’re hitting the hills and bays of our own backyard: Canterbury’s stunning Banks Peninsula. Swanndri HQ is nestled at the foot of the Port Hills and that’s no accident: the peninsula is not only our backyard; it’s our playground and bread basket, too.

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