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Swanndri Mission Series: Matakana

When looking for locations to shoot and show off the new Swanndri summer range, we wanted to make sure it was somewhere that would allow us to illustrate what a modern Swanndri mission could be.

A quick weekend away, not too far from the big smoke, that the whole family could enjoy. A bit of adventure, a bit of relaxation, a bit of indulgence. Basically, a bit of everything. Doesn’t exist, someone said. Then someone else mentioned Matakana. We looked it up and it looked like it ticked all the boxes. So we went on the mission (as well as the shoot), and had such a good time, we figured, why not share the yarn?

And with that, welcome to the first edition in our Swanndri Mission Series. Here, we’re going to share ideas for all sorts of missions – from after-work adventures, to weekends away, to week-long expeditions. Giving you the inspiration, so you can make your own mission.


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Swanndri x Surfing For Farmers: Stay true to those who stay true to you

Swanndri has always been closely connected to farmers.

They’re the original testing ground for our products and have helped make Swanndri what it is today.

Through thick and thin, rain or shine, they’ve always been there for us, and we want to make sure we’re always there for them.

That’s why Swanndri is proud to support Surfing For Farmers, a mental health initiative that’s all about bringing farmers together, off-farm and into the surf to enhance wellbeing and build new connections.

As part of our partnership, we’re donating $5 from every beach towel or hooded towel sold online or in-store from 1st November to 1st February straight to Surfing For Farmers.

Surfing For Farmers

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Goose and Ellen: On the Classic Kiwi Road Trip

For as long as we can remember, going on road trips with the family was every Kiwis rite of passage. The boot (and back seat) was jam packed, the tunes were on, and there was always a bag of lollies to keep the kids happy.

There’s something about the open road and the sense of not knowing what was at the end of it that draws Kiwis out into the wild religiously. What is it about cruising the highways and great backroads of Aotearoa that fills our cups to overflowing? It certainly isn’t one thing, but a combination of all that comes with it. The sharing of stories over a couple of beers in front of a crackling fire. The turn of a corner that greets you with an unexpected view. The follow your nose attitude that leads you to New Zealand’s hidden gems and friendly local faces. It’s the chase of uncertainty that makes us feel alive as humans, and road tripping for a few days can certainly make reality seem like a distant memory.

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