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ZQRX – another step on our sustainability journey

There’s wool, and there’s wool done right.

ZQ is a wool certification standard that stands for better quality – for the animals, for the planet, for you. Established in 2006, it is the world’s leading sustainable, ethical, and traceable wool. Dedicated to long term partnerships and sustainability, ZQ works with like-minded Kiwi farmers, industry partners, manufacturers and brands all around the world.

Here at Swanndri, we’re proud to source wool from ZQ certified New Zealand wool growers. The best of the best, from the best place in world to grow wool. It’s good to be working with farmers and partners who share the same values and commitment to quality and sustainability.

ZQRX Regenerative Strong Wool

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With the best wool in the world – ZQ x Swanndri

We’ve all grown up knowing that wool is a big part of what makes New Zealand tick – it’s in our DNA, part of our past and definitely part of our future. 

It’s not an easy business, growing the world’s best fibre consistently, year after year. To do so requires a huge amount of knowledge about animal nutrition, soil and feed quality, and how to best care for the land that provides for the sheep that call it home.

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Growing nature’s miracle fibre: Meet the Reids

Swanndri has been making clothes with one of nature’s most sustainable fibres for over 100 years. While the rest of the clothing industry catches up in rediscovering the miracle fibre, we have never stopped using wool ever since William Broome produced our first bush shirt in 1913.

Trusting the shirt on your back to keep you warm and dry in the harshest of weather conditions is what makes our products so popular. Who better to supply the raw material for our garments than sheep farmers from Central Otago who not only supply Swanndri, but also rely on us to keep them warm?

We caught up with the Reid brothers; Doug, Eddie and Willie.

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