Arthur's Pass

In the South Island, between Waimakariri and the West Coast, there’s a rather famous road that crosses the Southern Alps. You might have heard of it. It’s called Arthur’s Pass.

Used by Māori for centuries to bring pounamu across the mountains, this crossing was made into a ‘road’ in 1866 as the gold rush reached full swing. Nowadays the gold is all gone (or so they say), but that hasn’t stopped people flocking here for a look. It’s a go to for travellers looking for exploration and relaxation amidst the magnificent sights of the Southern Alps.

Skimming rock on the Waimak

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Good Yarns And Great Socks

Here at Swanndri, we’re incredibly proud and privileged to be able to work with partners and suppliers who share the same values and perspectives, and are committed to the same kind of quality.

Like we the team at The New Zealand Sock Company.

The New Zealand Sock Company, based in Ashburton, is a family owned business that’s been making the best darn socks in the world since 1901. They’re the go-to sock manufacturer for some of the world’s leading clothing brands, and we’re proud to count them as partners of Swanndri.

Good Yarns and Great Socks

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Swanndri Mission Series: Matakana

When looking for locations to shoot and show off the new Swanndri summer range, we wanted to make sure it was somewhere that would allow us to illustrate what a modern Swanndri mission could be.

A quick weekend away, not too far from the big smoke, that the whole family could enjoy. A bit of adventure, a bit of relaxation, a bit of indulgence. Basically, a bit of everything. Doesn’t exist, someone said. Then someone else mentioned Matakana. We looked it up and it looked like it ticked all the boxes. So we went on the mission (as well as the shoot), and had such a good time, we figured, why not share the yarn?

And with that, welcome to the first edition in our Swanndri Mission Series. Here, we’re going to share ideas for all sorts of missions – from after-work adventures, to weekends away, to week-long expeditions. Giving you the inspiration, so you can make your own mission.


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