Swanndri & Feldon Shelter: Do what you love, love what you do

We caught up with Joel Hedges, co-founder, ideas-man, engineer and all-round legend behind Feldon Shelter for a chat about missions, kit, and the importance of timeless quality.

Joel Hedges is a surfer. That’s who he is. That’s what he loves. Travelling, surfing, living it up. He’s also the co-founder behind the phenomenon that is Feldon Shelter.

“Now, I get to go on surf trips for work. It’s great.”

Swanndri & Feldon Shelter

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Good Yarns And Great Socks

Here at Swanndri, we’re incredibly proud and privileged to be able to work with partners and suppliers who share the same values and perspectives, and are committed to the same kind of quality.

Like we the team at The New Zealand Sock Company.

The New Zealand Sock Company, based in Ashburton, is a family owned business that’s been making the best darn socks in the world since 1901. They’re the go-to sock manufacturer for some of the world’s leading clothing brands, and we’re proud to count them as partners of Swanndri.

Good Yarns and Great Socks

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Swanndri x Surfing For Farmers: Stay true to those who stay true to you

Swanndri has always been closely connected to farmers.

They’re the original testing ground for our products and have helped make Swanndri what it is today.

Through thick and thin, rain or shine, they’ve always been there for us, and we want to make sure we’re always there for them.

That’s why Swanndri is proud to support Surfing For Farmers, a mental health initiative that’s all about bringing farmers together, off-farm and into the surf to enhance wellbeing and build new connections.

As part of our partnership, we’re donating $5 from every beach towel or hooded towel sold online or in-store from 1st November to 1st February straight to Surfing For Farmers.

Surfing For Farmers

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