How to layer for warmth with Swanndri

Add a layer when you’re cold. Remove a layer when you’re hot. Simple, right?

Yes… and no. While layering itself is a relatively straightforward concept, what really matters is what you’re layering with.

Wool (especially merino) makes all the difference. As nature’s miracle fibre, merino wool works with your body to support its natural cooling and heating system. It allows your body to breathe, without locking in sweat or losing warmth, helping keep you at just the right temperature so you can keep doing what you’re doing.

Layering for the Warmth

Let’s start with the base layer. This one needs to be light and soft as it sits right against your skin. But it also needs to wick moisture away from your body, so you don’t get too sweaty. Given that merino wool is made up of ultra-fine fibres, it makes for the perfect base layer – soft and comfy, warm and dry, light and breathable. Our Men's Bucklands Merino T-Shirt is ideal as a base layer, or our Women's Sycamore Creek Long Sleeve Merino in a shaped women’s fit.

Next up, the mid layer. Generally thicker and heavier than the base layer, this is about trapping air (and therefore, heat) against your body for when you’re in cooler conditions or out in the elements for longer periods. The extra volume of thicker wool traps more air within its structure, providing the perfect form of natural insulation. For the perfect mid layer, check out our Women's Hayes Park Waffle Knit Crew, or our Men's Magnet Bay Zip Neck Merino.

Finally, the outer layer. This needs to provide that extra level of insulation for when the conditions get really gnarly, as well as a durable exterior shell to protect you from the wind, cold and rain. For this reason, outer layers can often feature wool blends and synthetic exterior linings. Our Annmore Wool Overcoat for Women, for example, is made with a merino and strong wool blend for extra durability, while our Carisbrook Side-line Jacket for Men is a blend of merino and nylon for additional protection.

So, there you have it. Layering with Swanndri. A great way to give yourself greater flexibility and comfort through a wider range of conditions. It’s basically the old Kiwi adage of ‘dress like an onion’ brought to life with modern materials. Just remember to check the weather.

Layering for the Warmth in Winter