Repair & Care: Looking after your Swanndri

Washing instructions are on a woven or printed label sewn into your garment. Following the washing instructions will help to ensure your Swanndri product lasts.

  • Wash your gear only when necessary, you’ll conserve water and minimise wear and tear caused by washing.
  • If your outerwear has localised caked on dirt, consider using a rag to spot clean instead of washing the whole garment unnecessarily.
  • Line dry inside out to avoid fading, or lay knitwear flat for drying to avoid stretching.

While we build all our garments to last, some component might wear out faster, and accidents happen. If your old faithful has an issue outside of manufacturing problems, we are happy to assess it and help to suggest a solution. We can also offer approved Swanndri repairers who can replace various components of your garment.

If you would like your garment assessed, please contact with a digital photo of the full garment and another of the specific issue to be repaired.

Our wool and cotton garments are biodegradable once plastic or metal components are removed, but if you have concerns, we will be happy to recycle any of your garments for you.

NB: Substitute zips and other components might be required depending on availability. Any repairs needed due to reasonable wear and tear will be at owners’ expense.