Swanndri Environmental Sustainability Statement

14th January 2019

Swanndri is a proud New Zealand company who has been part of the clothing industry for more than 100 years.

We recognise that reducing our carbon footprint and producing our goods in a more sustainable manner is essential for future generations’ wherever they live around the world. This is why Swanndri is committing to New Zealand’s long-term goal of becoming zero carbon neutral by 2050.

There are three key steps we will be taking to achieve this goal

1. Measure our company’s carbon foot print. The two most significant aspects we measure are:

 a. our domestic foot print which includes; energy consumption, waste elimination and staff travel

 b. our off-shore foot print which includes energy consumption, waste elimination, water  consumption,  packaging and freight

2. Create awareness with staff and suppliers. Introduce ‘Environmental Ambassadors’ within the organisation and develop a strategy that has measurable, meaningful and time stamped goals.

3. Embed the strategy across the whole organisation. Report on goal achievement and collaborate with other companies within our supply chain and outside experts to guide and help solve carbon emission problems that are complex and difficult to achieve on our own.

Achievements to date

• Reusing garment components such as buttons and zips on pre-production samples

• Replaced all single use plastic bags with recycled paper and cotton reusable bags in our retail stores

• Replaced all in store lighting with LED low energy lights